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Obama Care is Here

Thursday 28th of May 2015 08:54:58 AM

bama Care is Here. Are you Ready & Informed?
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Covered California is the new plan name is the talk of town across the state. Weather you feel positive about the plan or against it, it’s here to stay is what we hear from the insurance legislators in Sacramento. As Calico health insurance agents, we are partnered with the state as trained and certified to help our community enroll in the new plans set wroth by the government.

This article will feature key benefits we see in the plan.

Can’t Be Denied for Pre-existing Conditions.

This is the big one we feel, and is the reasoning to Health Care Reform accepted by the people.
No Maximum Benefits or Benefits Cap

Next big feature of the Affordable Care Act. Unlimited lifetime benefits means that you won’t be kicked out of the hospital in case of prolonged stay or treatment. Insurance companies in the past put an cap limited($5 million for example) on benefits.

Residents May Get Government Assistance To Pay For Premiums

After all the is the AFFORDABLE Care Act, makes health insurance affordable for ALL(at least supposed to.) Based on Household income & size, the federal government will give premium assistance in the form of tax credit to help pay for premium. You DON’T have to wait until tax filling time for payment assistance, and premium assistance can be applied on the monthly payments.

4 Simple Plans to Choose From

If you have bought health insurance in the past, you know how complicated health insurance can get with all the different co-payments, deductibles, out-of-pocket cost, PPO’s, HMO’s, & EPO’s. 4 Metal tiers Platinum, Gold, Silver, & Bronze. Pick the trusted carriers you knew(Kaiser, HealthNet, BlueShield, Anthem, L.A. Care, Molina, more…) of you choice of PPO or HMO.

Calico Insurance has agents who can answer your questions to the details. Call us at 888-322-0083.

Federal Poverty Guidelines below can Help you estimate what type of Health insurance You may be eligible for:


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