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Mayweather vs. McGregor: The Curse of Rocky Marciano, Analysis, Prediction, & Outcome – Part 2

Lightning did not strike August 26, 2017. TBE, Floyd “Money” Mayweather was able to do the usual and proved to be yet invincible yet again by stopping the MMA superstar, Conor “The Notorious” McGregor via TKO in the 10th round of the 12 round boxing match.

Was McGregor in way over his head challenging the boxing legend, and soon to be hall of famer?

Did God really make Mayweather’s record perfect?

Is Floyd immune to the Marciano Curse?

We believe the answer to all these questions is an affirmative, and last night no mathematical logic could prove otherwise. But, let’s go over together of the fight’s outcome result, and what’s holds the future for Mayweather & McGregor.

The Fight & Outcome

In the ring entrance and stare-down, McGregor seemed to be hit with overwhelming thought of “what have I got myself into here?” and his usual prefight confidence seemed to be a bit toned down, although he was trying to appear calm. The calmer fighter was the one who had 49 previous boxing matches under the rules and wearing the boxing gloves and shoes. But, the real calmness set in for Mayweather once he had a feel-out of his opponents attacks and counters during the opening round.

From the first moment of the boxing match, it was evident that the 40-year-old Mayweather’s game plan was to tire out the inexperienced McGregor and begin offense towards the mid and later rounds. Mayweather’s defense was impeccable throughout the early rounds and even when McGregor did have success slipping the right hand of Mayweather and countering with his left uppercut, the boxing legend did a great job of mitigating the impact by rolling with punches. Floyd stayed the course, laser focused, and doubled down on his instinct that McGregor would not last into the later rounds let alone championship rounds. Floyd starting pushing forward and walking him down like gritty Mexican style fighter kept McGregor on his heels and soon the early power of McGregor’s punches were fading and Floyd was finding home for his right hand more and more.

McGregor continued on his attack and not failing to keep up with Mayweathers growing pressure coming forward. But, as the 7th & 8th round progressed it was visible to even the untrained eye that Conor was stumbling a bit, reaching, and pawing his punches. The fatigue had set in, and the psychological battle had shifted from “I’m going to knock him out” to “if I last to the end maybe I can win a decision.”

Fighting is psychological first, if a shift of that great happens in one competitor’s mind where they do not see themselves accomplishing a predetermined goal and rather settle for hope of a lesser accomplishment, the result can be a loss of the fight. The loss of the fight is almost for certain when the opponent has not lost sight of their goal, and almost as a 6th sense prey on the vulnerability of their opponent. Mayweather like the master of the sweet science of boxing that he is, clearly saw this during the mid rounds of the fight in McGregor and grew even more in confidence. And, finally the end came in the 10th round the referee saved the Irishman from any further damage. We believe the stoppage was just and warranted, as the result seemed evident much sooner.

Sometimes fighter’s are too tough for their own good, and will hand in there till the bitter end. It is the job of the referee, the ringside doctor, and the fighter’s corner to stop the fight. Stopping the fight is not the fighter’s job, he/she is to focus on fighting. Therefore, a good referee will stop the fight in time so the athlete can have a chance to fight another day.

Was fight Fixed? Videos Showing McGregor Pulling Punches on the Internet

Fake news at its best we say. The fight was very real, and the 2 second slow motion videos showing McGregor punching moving back was a direct result of Mayweather plowing forward throwing devastating power punches at the near-panicking McGregor. It’s very difficult to land powerful punches moving back on your heels and those shots did not help keep Mayweather from pushing forward with his attack.

Will Floyd box again? Will Conor fight Tony Ferguson or Khabib Nurmagomedov in the UFC? Will Floyd rematch Conor in the UFC?

Floyd could have done whatever he wanted in boxing, and his legacy was not elevated or lessened with the result of this match. We believe “Money’s” main goal is to become a Billionaire and this fight certainly got him closer if not realized it.

Conor too, now needs not to worry about ever going broke with a reported $100 million take from this mega fight. But, he has spoken on wanting ownership in the UFC and said he’d like to fight again being just 29 years old. However, if his offer to fight is 1/10th of what he just made he’ll have to find a different motivation than finances to compete. As far as motivation for being a champion in the UFC he’s already done that as well, in two different weight categories. So we’ll see how the Irishman pursues next.

No, Floyd will not follow James Toney’s path of falling victim to a UFC grappler. He has too much “money.”

Overall it was excellent entertainment for Calico staff, and we are thrilled that none of us are gambler’s for our predictions of fights and Calico’s success in that from protecting and insuring our customers and their assets and not giving betting advice.

Till next fight, we hope you enjoyed the read.