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Mayweather vs. McGregor: The Curse of Rocky Marciano, Analysis, Prediction, & Outcome – Part 1

The biggest fight in combat sports history is here, today. And Calico Insurance staff writers will not miss an opportunity to showcase our passion and enthusiasm for the fight world. Although our business is insurance, our staff’s passions and interests often is promoted in our site blogs alongside information about products available to protect your family and family assets. So we hope you enjoy the read on the “lighter” topic, and email us your comments and questions.

What are the facts about the MayMac fight?

Both are champions from two combat arts in Boxing & MMA

Conor McGregor is the two-weight category champion in the UFC, the biggest mixed martial arts organization in the world. There are many organization in the world of MMA and many have top fighters who they call “world champions”, however it is almost unanimously considered that the real world champions are only the ones crowned in their respective weight classes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, or more commonly known as the UFC. Conor is the champion in both the 145lbs weight and 155lbs weight category.

Floyd Mayweather is considered by many to be one the greatest boxers in the history of boxing. Some even consider him to be TBE, or The Best Ever. Calico staff cannot argue with either of these facts, “Money” Mayweather understands boxing to the nth degree, he has been multiple weight world champion over 21+ years. Undefeated in 49 fights, with defensive tactics to rival any of the greats like Willie Pep & Pernell Whitaker.

Opposite stances of the combatants – Southpaw vs Orthodox

Mayweather is right-handed fighter. He will take his stance with his left leg forward and his right hand which is his dominant power hand back where it will travel a greater distance and produce and greater force to his opponents head or body.

McGregor is left-handed, for then he will have his right leg forward and his left hand back and the power hand will be his left punch.

You may wonder why this makes much difference if any, well consider that Wikipedia notes that only about 10% of the world’s population is left-handed and the vast majority being right-handed. That saying if you are boxer or mma-fighter it is highly likely that in your gym you may have about 1 person who is able to be your sparring or training partner who is left-handed, so as a right-handed fighter you don’t get to have much experience training, getting accustomed to the timing of an experienced lefty. On the other hand, as lefty or a southpaw you get to enjoy the experience of training with almost all right-handed sparring partners, and you get to see all types of rhythm and timing from the orthodox fighters all-day everyday at the gym.

Mayweather has only fought 7 left-handed fighters out of the 49, and a few of his southpaw opponents like Zab Judah gave him some problems and even knocked Floyd down during the boxing bout. Now some argue that Mayweather’s most famous match against the left-handed power puncher Manny Pacquiao proved that being left-handed means nothing for the best defensive fighter of all-time. And Mayweather adjusted from shoulder-rolling the punches to evading, parrying, crowding, and master ring generalship, moreover Conor does not even have close to Pacquiao’s accomplishments in boxing, heck he doesn’t even have any professional boxing matches and his background in boxing is only amateur matches in Ireland. Consider that Pacquiao was crowded and could not reach Mayweather in part because he was much shorter than Floyd, in contrast McGregor will enjoy a reach and height advantage in their respective boxing match. It is much more difficult to crowd and taller opponent and the longer reach may mean some of the punches will travel farther distances and as a result may find their marks. Mayweather was also able to hold on to PacMan whenever the Filipino boxer would get close enough to Money to land a significant punch. Floyd would tie him up and get a restart, avoiding any danger of getting into a slugfest. The years of wrestling training on the part of McGregor will play in the Irishman’s favor in controlling the clinch both in recovery and attack.

How about taller recent southpaw opponents of Mayweather like Robert Guerrero and Victor Ortiz?

Both these fighters are more stationary and although are taller than Pacquiao, they are not fighers that cover long distances when punching and rather like to get up close and have slugfests and Mayweather was able to easily out maneuver and out-skill them, although the Ortiz match didn’t last as long enough and ended in a bit of controvarsy. McGregor will likely use long-range punches similar to the fight ending shots that finished Eddie Alvarez in his recent 155lbs title bout. The long-range punches often can be met with precision power that doubles up on impact, and can work against McGregor especially a master counter puncher like Floyd Mayweather, and may result in a devastating knockout of McGregor himself. Many wise boxing minds have spoken on this likely outcome, especially if McGregor gets careless going forward in his attack.

Does McGregor hold the advantage in Power?

Perception of power is vague. McGregor does know how to land powerful punches, but not any more than does Mayweather and if he does get caught lunging in towards a Mayweather slip counter. Power seems to be the hope many McGregor fans have in beating the great undefeated boxing champion, and we at Calico agree that power is necessary to defeat a great artist like Floyd Mayweather in a craft he has mastered the science of claiming a win every time.

Timing & Distance Control

Although Mayweather has the advantage in both these areas considering his experience and mastery in Boxing, McGregor’s unorthodox attacks may create a hopeful opening for the Irishman to claim victory.

Age or Experience?

Will being 12 years younger than the 40-year-old boxing legend work in favor for Conor? Mayweather takes very good care of himself, and even though he portrays an illusion of going to clubs and partying, he rarely is seen drinking and often does a night-run back to his place of rest and lavish nurture. Mayweather has also taken very little damage if any throughout his career and his recent sparring partners have said on video that Mayweather is very smart in his sparring times with respect to taking unnecessary head trauma because of bravado. Conor has probably taken as much damage from the 2 Nate Diaz fights alone than Mayweather his entire 40 years of life.

The Marciano Curse

Rocky Marciano is considered to have the greatest record in boxing, having retired as a heavyweight champion of the world with 49-0. Floyd Mayweather has tied that record and is now attempting to break that record with a win over McGregor before retiring with a perfect 50-0 record as the greatest ever world champion. Some boxing enthusiasts believe that the curse of Rocky Marciano will haunt Mayweather much like the many great fighters like Larry Holms who attempted to tie and then pass the 49-0 undefeated record, only losing to Michael Spinks. Mayweather has the tie, but does the curse only apply to passing the record? We couldn’t tell you for sure.

Calico Prediction

So much has been said and discussed. And the odds in the vegas betting seems close to being accurate in favor for Mayweather. However, we believe the night belongs to a incredibly driven McGregor to claim absolute mastery of fighting and success in life with a devastating win over the boxing legend via TKO.

Join us for Part 2 in the follow-up to the outcome of the boxing match coming-up…