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Is Mercury Better or Progressive?

Is Mercury Better or Progressive?

-The truth is there is not 1 answer for this question. The type of car you have, your driving record, experience, coverage you desire all play a factor in getting you the Low rate that you want for the coverage you need. The coverage offered by the particular company will often vary also. A licensed independent agent can help explain the differences, discounts offered, and available options; so you can be confident about your choice.

-Your agent is what seperates you from the deal that is right for you. Our agents will look through over a 100 programs through our advanced quote search software that will find you the best rate. All this in just a few minutes and with a few clicks.

Facts About

– Mercury Insurance Company: Mercury is based out of Los Angeles California, and is third largest auto insurance provider in the state. Over $4 billion in assets, as well as provide homeowner’s polcies, commercial auto insurance, umbrella insurance, and business owner’s (BOP) policies. Calico Insurance is an authorized agent for Mercury Insurance Group.

– Progressive Insurance Company: Progressive has been in business since 1937. They provide auto insurance, motorcycle, boat, RV, commercial auto insurance, truck insurance, and cargo coverage. Progressive is one of the carriers that sells both directly to the public and through agents like Calico Insurance.

– Infinity Insurance Company: Infinity started in 1955 in Alabama but now reaches 43 states in the united states. So California is no exception to their reach. They provide affordable auto insurance, commercial auto, and classic car coverage.

Calico Insurance Services Inc. finds you the lowest cost auto insurance for California drivers.

We are based out of Los Angeles and have been serving our community by saving them money for over a decade by finding them the auto insurance provider with the best rate and coverage. Our office in Pico Rivera – Los Angeles also serves San Diego, Fresno, and San Francisco cities.

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Which Auto Insurance is Best PROGRESSIVE, MERCURY, INFINITY?