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Insurance Agent Search

Consider the arguement that it is always better having an insurance agent help you in some part of your insurance portfolio. Auto Insurance is most common insurance policy that is shopped for in California. And even considering that a direct writting carrier like that of the funny tv commercials or an exclusive agent promising to hold your hand forever may have a good rate for you; having an independent insurance agent use industry knowledge and experience to advise you with available options and unbiased choices of rates from top rated insurance companies to get you the Best Affordable Auto Insurance possible. Independent Insurance Agent like CALICO is your ally when it comes to insurance and financial protection and to get a quote or discuss insurance products with our professionals who can give you an honest free no obligation overview of your insurance policy.

1)There are thousands of independent insurance agents in California who should I call? The first questions is very simple as we strive to do all we can to get you consider Calico Insurance Services your first choice when it comes to shopping be it commercial insurance, office insurance, sr22 insurance, or you just want the best affordable auto insurance in California.

2)Aren’t they all the same?
The answer to second questions is of course NO. We are independent and individuals and our vision and goals of servicing our customers varies, but at CALICO we want to go beyond saving you money.

3)Do they all contract with same insurance companies?

The third answer is also NO. The number of companies an independent agent deals with can vary vastly from one agent to another. Calico Insurance Services has dozens of programs from reputable carriers like Mercury Insurance, Progressive Insurance, Foremost Insurance, Kemper, Fidelity, Infinity, SafeCo, Hartford, MetLife, and more…

Our commitment to be the best agent for you includes the following: