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Canelo vs GGG: the Great Middleweight Showdown, part 2

Canelo vs GGG, post-analysis

The great middleweight showdown, lived up to its hype, and the boxing fans enjoyed a 12 round tactical & action-packed beautiful violence from two of highly skilled boxing champions. Though the decision was controversial, the fans’ desire for a rematch seems unanimous.

Tactics of the two boxers

Golovkin always promising the fans “a big drama show”, favors staying in the pocket and trading power punches, relying his defense on his reaction to slipping, bobbing, and weaving his opponent’s punches. GGG came to fight with this in mind and many fight fans were expecting the Mexican champion to meet GGG in same manner, with a big Mexican showdown. Canelo however chose not to go this route and instead took a page out of Floyd Mayweather’s book, and from the begining of the 1st round bell, Canelo started to dance around, jabbing and plodding his way into looking for power punches to finish the fight.


The most controversy was over how the fight was scored. The HBO commentator who scored the fight had 7 rounds for GGG and 5 for Canelo, but his score card does not matter in the boxing bout’s outcome. The fight was determined by the 3 ringside judges. Judge Don Trella had the fight even at 114-114, Dave Moretti had it 115-113 for GGG, but the controversy was with judge Adalaide Byrd’s score of 118-110 for Canelo. Byrd’s score meant that GGG had only won 2 rounds, and many in the boxing world started screaming “fix”, as this was clearly a faulty score.

Calico’s Score Card

Round Canelo GGG
1 10 9
2 9 10
3 10 9
4 9 10
5 10 9
6 9 10
7 9 10
8 9 10
9 10 9
10 9 10
11 9 10
12 10 9
Total 113 115

We noticed that our score card was not exactly similar to how the other 3 judges scored it, but the rounds were very close, and some rounds could have went either way. Byrd’s score card meant that all the close rounds that happened during the fight, she gave the round to Canelo. Although we feel that the fight was close and 115-113 for Canelo would not be farfetched, but 118-110 score seems weird to say the least.

Future boxing bouts

We were hoping that the winner of this mega-fight would draw another superfight with a undefeated champion and pound for pound great Andre Ward. Especially if GGG had won convincingly and could easily move up to 168 pounds and meet Ward for the blockbuster match, but Andre Ward retired shortly after the GGG vs Canelo match. Maybe Ward was waiting for GGG to dominate and the close fight only warrented a rematch of the GGG vs Canelo, which meant Ward would have to wait perhaps over a year to realize the challenge. But, we still hope that a fight between Ward and GGG will take place sometime in the future, where the demand by fans are so high that they are willing to pay a hefty PPV price, and Ward will come back for 1 more big fight.

Canelo, being the smaller fighter we hoped can entice Conor McGregor to come back to boxing and challenge the Mexican champion for big PPV fight, but this does not seem likely now either, and McGregor will most likely face Nate Diaz in their 3rd fight inside the UFC octagon.

hope you enjoyed the short read, till next fight