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Canelo vs GGG: the Great Middleweight Showdown, part 1

Gennady “GGG” Golovkin vs Saul “Canelo” Alvarez

The middleweight crown is one of the most highly coveted in boxing history. The division has produced legendary champions with the likes of Marvin Hagler, Sugar Ray Leonard, Sugar Ray Robinson Roy Jones Jr, Roberto Duran, Jake LaMotta, Bernard Hopkins, and many many more greats.


Some of the legends of boxing named above solidified their status as middleweight king after being champions in a lower weight category. Tonight we have a similar feat; and though Canelo has been middleweight champion and recently fought Chaves Jr. at a higher weight, his boxing work has been primarily at 154lbs. Whereas Golovkin, medaled in the 2004 Olympics at 75kg, a weight GGG has been comfortable in for many many years.

Who is more skilled?

It’s close, and Canelo has tremendously improved his boxing skills, but we give a slight edge to GGG.

Power? Who hits harder?

Power has to be given as an advantage to both fighters. Both are devastating power punchers with either hand. Can one really take too many of either guys punches? No, so it’s even.

Experience? Who has the edge here?

GGG is a great Champion, but Canelo has fought many great names in boxing including Mayweather, and he get the nod in experience.

Toughness? Who is the tougher fighter?

One of the reason this is such great fan friendly fight is that these two are the type of boxers that are going to go forward and do everything possible to finish their opponent. Boxing analysts having been calling it the “Big Mexican Showdown.” We think it definitely is going to be, since both fighters come from a very humble backgrounds and their success has been fueled by the hunger of their upbringing. So toughness has to be a tie.



This fight could have happened a long time ago, when GGG was repeatedly defending his interim-middleweight titles and Canelo was fighting for the real title against other contenders. But, perhaps this was the best business decision for GGG to get more notoriety among the boxing casuals to build up a great fight like the one we have tonight.

Join us for Part 2 for the afterthoughts with possible future opponents for the winner & loser in superfights with Andre Ward and Conor McGregor.