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Battle of the 2-Time Gold Medalist – Loma vs Rigo

Saturday 9th of December 2017 02:18:21 PM

Vasyl Lomachenko Vs Guillermo Rigondeaux

If you like arts and performance mastery, or appreciate science and physics, and have never watched or enjoyed a boxing match. Tonight will be a feature of the best of the best from both sides of the corners of the square jungle, playing a physical game of chess. What’s amazing is most casuals have no idea who these two great champions are, and the fight will be on regular TV rather than a pay-per-view event; the hardcore fans are loving this gift.

What’s interesting about these gentlemen is the similarities they share technically, tactically, and with respect to their accomplishments.

Both Rigo & Loma are:


  1. They are both left handed. Throughout their careers they predominantly faced right handed fighters, and much fewer number of right handed fighters. Since the angle of the stance and punches are different, their strategy will be different.
    2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

  1. Winning the Olympics is HARD. They did it twice, 8 years of being the best as an amateur. Now they are best as pros.

The Edge

Their differences however, will be deciding factor in the fight. Rigondeaux is coming up in weight to fight Lomachenko who will be the bigger fighter.


Lomachenko by Decision

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